Dressing your wedding tables – Part 1 Table Linens


Welcome to the first in this short series of posts helping you to create beautiful wedding tables that will wow your guests. Depending on where you are having your reception you may find that all the table dressing is included in your package and this is certainly the case with many hotel venues. If on the other hand you’re planning a marquee wedding you will quite literally be starting with a blank canvas. But even if table dressing is included in your package you will want to add touches to reflect you own individual style and the design elements of your wedding.

Beautiful Table Linen

We are starting this series by looking at table linen. Beautiful linens can make all the difference to the tables at your wedding breakfast but to get the best impact there are a few things you need to consider.



Most venues, and many caterers , will provide white (or sometimes ivory) tablecloths as part of your package which is great but make sure you see them on the table. Ideally you will want full length table cloths that reach the floor. However most venues will use shorter ones and generally will use 2 square tablecloths on each table meaning you won’t have an even length all the way round. If you have table with beautiful, ornate legs you probably won’t mind them not being completely covered but if they are a bit shabby or downright ugly you are going to want to hide them. If you don’t like the tablecloths provided by the venue then consider hiring some in for the day. This might seem extravagant but a full length tablecloth for a 6ft round table can be hired from as little as £8 and often for less if you are taking a package from a venue styling company.


Overlays and runners

Generally venues will not include table runners or overlays as part of your package but they can be an inexpensive way of reflecting your colour scheme in the table design. They can be either bought or hired. Unlike with table cloths it’s fine to use a square overlay on a round table just make sure that it is large enough.



As with tablecloths most venues will provide napkins as part of your package generally in white. If you want napkins that tie in with your colour scheme you will usually need to hire or buy these in. If you choose to do this there are a couple of ways you can use them. Try alternating coloured napkins with the standard white on each table or alternatively combine them to each place setting has two napkins, one coloured and one white. This might sound expensive but the napkins you hire/buy don’t need to be high quality linen. You can use something like taffeta because, as you’re only using them for the design element, they don’t need to be functional. For some great ideas on folding napkins check out this website. Ask your florist for ideas on how to use flowers as part of the napkin design as this can give your tables a final elegant touch.

Napkin Ties

For further advice on table linens or to ask for a quote contact us.

In the next part of the series we’ll be taking a look at table centrepieces and how to choose the right one for your venue, design and theme.


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Dressing your wedding tables – Part 1 Table Linens
Welcome to the first in this short series of posts helping you to create beautiful wedding



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