Frequently Asked Questions when planning for your Ceremony…

For all of your ceremony related questions from roles and responsibilities to travel.


Travel Arrangements to and from the Ceremony….

 I am looking into our travel arrangements to get to the ceremony, how many cars do I need?

If your getting a carriage, this is usually a pleasure just for the bride and father of the bride travelling to the church, and then obviously the bride and groom afterwards. If you would like your bridesmaids and groomsmen travelling in style, find a car you like and have it pick up the groom and his best man first, then come over for the bridesmaids. If you have seen a car you think is suitable for all of you, it can make 3 journeys. Or if groom has seen something sporty for him and the best man, you can arrange a car for you and the bridesmaids.


Roles and Responsibilities (family and friends)….

I want us to have our own vows, how shall I go about this?

It is your personal choice to have your own vows. A poem that defines your love for your partner, or a verse from a song. Remember you will need to read this in front of your guests! Don’t worry about memorising it, have it on a keepsake piece of paper, as you want to be relaxed and enjoy the magical moment.

There are special family members and friends in my life who do not have a direct role in the wedding, is there one I could give them?

You can adapt your wedding however you want, you may have a special poem you would like them to read out, or perhaps they could be the ‘master of ceremonies’. Maybe it could just be helping you out with the planning of the wedding.

Ceremony of Tradition and Music….

I am having a civil ceremony; do I need to walk down the aisle to here come the bride?

You can choose whatever song you like, its your day, maybe the music for your first dance, or just a piece of music you both love. Just make sure the registrar knows what music you are having before hand, they usually need to know some days before your wedding date.


Photographs at the Ceremony or somewhere special….

I have been to so many weddings where it chaos at photo time, what can I do to organise this better?

Needing to get photos done of so many people, who are highly likely to be very excitable and mobile at the time, is difficult in any circumstances. Speak to your photographer and see what order they think is best to do the photos in. Any good photographer will suggest family photos first, so just let your family know the first 30 minutes after the service they need to be there. The wedding couple could then have photos done whilst guests head to the reception for drinks, which is a nice quieter time for you newly weds to get some fabulous pictures.
My partner and I love a local beauty spot and would just love to have photo’s taken there on our special day, is this possible?

It certainly is, in fact some photographers suggest good locations to go to. Just have a chat with your photographer about it your ideas and plans.

Finally don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions when planning for your Ceremony…
For all of your ceremony related questions from roles and responsibilities to travel.

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